2011 Volunteering to make 100+ Happy Dolls for children

Posted on 21/12/2011 | Tags: Happy dolls
Happy kid with Happy Doll
Getting to the 3rd year of activity of the special Happy Dolls Project to the underprivileged children in Thai society under the Children Day event, 14 January 2012.

We will then, get together to make Happy Dolls on Sunday, 25 December 2011, a Christmas day, special day that Santa clause will provide special present of the year to children. We would invite you to be a little Santa clause to make special 100++ Happy Dolls to children.

"Lots of volunteer required"

Registration: 12:00-13:00hrs.

Activity: 13:00-16:00hrs.

Web: www.happydollsproject.com

1. Happy Dolls Project is project of hand-made dolls that represent the loves and happiness from hands to hands. The part of revenue from selling Happy Dolls will provide to the social activities in selective organizations, for example; hilltribe scholar fund, nutrient lunch for the early school children, etc. Or providing the Happy Dolls to be a special friend of long-term illness children and they require to stay in hospital for long time.

2. In Children day 2011, we have provided Happy Dolls to 6 different areas (expanded from 3 different areas) whereas: 1. Hilltribe children in Chiangrai province for the Children day event at Mirror Foundation, Chiangrai. 2. Burmese children in Phang Nga province, 3. Children who joined the Children event at Yannaweskawan monastery, Nakhonpathom province, 4. Children in Narathiwas province, South border of Thailand, 5. Children who joined Children event in TOT Co., Ltd., Changwattana road, Bangkok and 6. Children at Lue-cha community, Phaholyothin 1, near Victory Monument, Bangkok.

3. We also designed special Happy Dolls in small size by home volunteers in Bangkok to sell and raise fund for Japan - Tsunami through Mayagotami foundation by Phra Ajahn Misuo Kawasko and South - flood situation assistance with Chumchonthai foundation from March - July 2554

This special event for the Children Day 2012 will require supporting at 190 baht each (about 7 US$) from the regular price at 300 baht to be able to support cost of material and expand the later project activities. Thank you very much for your considering support.

Or if you wish to donate in any amount, we are all accepted.

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